Savvy Caller phone numbersIn the modern age, with many companies attempting to cut down the amount of staff they employ in an attempt to maximise profits, it often seems that customer service is the last priority of any business. With a rise in the amount of online support offered, there has simultaneously been a drop in the levels of consumer satisfaction – which some people believe is due to the fact that the traditional methods of having a query addressed are still the best. As organisations attempt to hide away their contact details from the public, we at Savvy Caller are on a mission to find the best phone numbers for every brand in the country – meaning you can have your complaints or questions dealt with quickly and easily.

Savvy Caller – helping you find the contact numbers for the companies across the UK.

In short, our staff go out and find the best ways to get through to customer support helplines for pretty much any company imaginable. Spending countless hours of research, we track down numbers that we can then recommend to our users – safe in the knowledge that every call will connect straight through to the department that they need to speak to. In addition, we also attempt to provide freephone and local geographic alternatives phone numbers for companies that use premium rate numbers – giving you the full choice over who you attempt to call.

Being a Savvy Caller is easy – simply use our search bar to find our recommended contact number for any company in the UK. On the rare occasion where we don’t have a business listed, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to scout out the best phone number so that you can speak to their customer services team immediately.

These days most people get free minutes from their land line or mobile phone to non-premium rate numbers. Stop paying silly amounts to call these companies and call their geographical number for free now.

Within our database you can find alternative phone numbers for a huge range of premium rate phone numbers (remember some mobile providers charge to call a 0800 number so find the geographical equivalent and save on your mobile bill now).

Thanks to the ever increasing competition amongst telecommunications companies, most people these days receive a number of “Free” minutes with their land line or mobile phone package. Usually the T&C’s state these free minutes only apply to standard geographic phone numbers -Normally just those starting with 01, 02 or 03. At the same time the use of generic phone numbers are becoming more and more popular which means that millions of people are paying for calls outside of their free package.

If you have a UK mobile contract chances are that all free phone numbers like 0500, 0800 and 0808 will also be charged.

How does Savvy Caller work?

Savvy Caller contact numbersSavvy Caller finds contact numbers that we are happy to recommend, as well as all the alternative, freephone and local/national rate numbers for individual departments for each company – for example one of our most popular numbers this week has been the Hotpoint contact number. We do this by getting our staff to spend countless hours thoroughly tracking down companies and getting their customer service numbers – meaning you don’t have to. Not many people realise that behind the majority of freephone, local and premium rate phone numbers is a standard geographical number. Many companies have a selection of phone numbers which all go to the same call centre. Freephone numbers will be used on “promotional” advertising material and “premium rate” phone numbers used within technical help or complaints documentation.

All we are doing is providing you with the free phone or standard geographical number to call. You’ll get through to exactly the same place, just without paying extortionate call costs.

Savvy Caller is all about helping you, the savvy caller, save money!