0330 numbers are new to the UK, and have been introduced for a variety of reasons. However, the general public aren’t really interested in the reasons behind a change – we only want to know how it will affect us. That is why so many people are attempting to find out if 0330 numbers are free to call from mobiles and landlines. According to Google, the search term “is 0330 free?” is one of the most popular of any phone number-related queries that the search engine deals with day to day. As the range is still relatively new to the British public, most people are worried about whether they will be able to call an 0330 number without getting charged a cost for the call. Our staff have managed to find all the correct information about the 0330 number range, and we have also sourced a supplier for those who ar looking to take out a number for their home or business.

0330 numbers have a variety of positive points, both from the perspective of the caller and from the business who are being dialled. This is the main reason why they have become increasingly prominent over the course of the last couple of years, with companies across the UK choosing to take one out as their main point of contact with customers. Both Ofcom guidelines and the UK government legislation state that calls to 0330 numbers must cost exactly the same as calls to normal UK geographic phone numbers (01/02 numbers) – and this is the same whether you are ringing from a landline or from a mobile.

AreĀ 0330 numbers free then?

0330 numbersUK law means that any call to any 0330 number must be included within the free minutes (or inclusive minutes) of the caller’s contract. Any phone calls made outside of these minutes will be costed and charged the same as if you were dialling an 01 or 02 number or standard landline. As this is a low-cost method for getting contact with companies, it is no surprise that 0330 numbers are becoming the preferred prefix of choice for those looking to contact companies in the UK.

One important distinction is that 0330 numbers are classed different to freephone numbers. This is due to the fact that you will be charged for dialling an 0330 number when it is outside of your inclusive minutes, and this cost will be set by your landline or mobile phone provider. However, even in these cases, the 0330 number still offers a low cost method for people to get in contact with customer service helplines and companies, while ensuring that the business itself has a national presence.