0333 numbers have recently come into the public consciousness and are becoming more popular by the day. This is why a lot of our users are getting in touch in order to ask whether 0333 numbers are free to call from landlines and mobiles. Google has already started to auto-predict “Is 0333 free” when users start typing the prefix, such is the demand for people to know. As the range is so new, many people are unsure whether they will be able to dial an 0333 number from their home phone or mobile and not be charged a cost for the call. Here at Savvy Caller, we have done our research behind each and every number range, and we are also proud to be able to recommend suppliers for those looking to buy a number for their own personal or business use.

0333 numbers have a huge amount of upsides for both the caller and for the company or individual who they are dialling. This is why their popularity has boomed in recent times, with a growing amount of businesses choosing to use them. Both Ofcom and UK law state that all calls to 0333 numbers must be costed and charged the same as if the person ringing was calling a normal UK geographic phone number. This is the same for both those using home phones and mobiles.

AreĀ 0333 numbers free then?

0333 numbersThe government legislation around the matter states that any 0333 numbers dialled must be included as part of the users free minutes (also referred to as inclusive minutes). If you are dialling outside of your allotted minutes (or didn’t have any to begin with), you will be charged the same as if you were dialling a standard geographic number or landline. So 0333 numbers are proving to be popular due to the fact that they are free to call for most people, and involve minimal costs for everyone else.

It is important to distinguish that 0333 numbers are not freephone numbers, despite the fact that some people have marketed them as such. However, they do act as a free number for most people due to the fact they are included in people’s landline or mobile packages, and thus there is usually no additional cost. While this is what attracts the caller, businesses using 0333 numbers are able to have a national presence that gives potential and existing customers a chance to get in contact for no or minimal expense.