History of 0845 numbers

Up until April 2000, 0845 numbers didn’t exist. Prior to this date numbers operated by BT started 0345 and those provided by a company called Cable and Wireless started 0645.
As part of “The Big Number Change” these 0345 and 0645 numbers were converted to be 0845. That was where the 0845 numbers started.

The cost of calling these new 0845 numbers however was a little unclear and there were a large number of complaints from people about unexpected bills. They were charged at the same rate as a regular call to someone within the same geographic / local area. For a while these numbers were known as BT 0845 Lo-Call numbers (quite clever actually as it’s like “local” and “low cost call”).
Since 2008 a limited number of companies are now charging domestic customers different costs for local and long distance calls and as such they can no longer be relied on as being simply a “local cost” and might sometimes cost more.

Until recently calls to 0845 numbers were not normally included within people “free call” allowance but there are now a few providers who are including these within bundles.

0845 Call Costs From Landlines

Phone ProviderOperator Connection Charge Daytime / per min Evening / per min Weekend / per min Date checked
BT 3.864p 0.978p 0.978p June 2009 *
SkypeOut 3.3p 9.2p 9.2p 9.2p 4 May 2011
Virgin Media 11p 10p 10p 10p 10 May 2010
Vonage 4p 4p 2p 1p 30 Aug 2010

0845 Call Costs From UK mobiles

Operator Cost/min Date checked
BT Mobile 20p 30 December 2007
3 35p 4 May 2011
O2 20-25p 10 May 2010
Orange 40p 12 April 2010
TalkTalk 35p 30 December 2007
Tesco Mobile 20p 30 December 2007
T-Mobile 40p 26 March 2009
Virgin Mobile 41p 21 July 2010
Vodafone 0842 0843 0844 0845 25p / 20p 30 July 2010
Vodafone 0870 25p / 20p 30 July 2010
Vodafone 0871 0872 0873 35p / 25p 30 July 2010

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