0845 Numbers

History of 0845 numbers Up until April 2000, 0845 numbers didn’t exist. Prior to this date numbers operated by BT started 0345 and those provided by a company called Cable and Wireless started 0645. As part of “The Big Number Change” these 0345 and 0645 numbers were converted to be 0845. That was where the […]

0300 Numbers – Pick Your Number Now

0300 numbers are becoming more and more popular and we are often asked “Are 0300 numbers free to call from a landline and mobile?”. In fact when we last looked one of the most popular auto suggests in Google was “Is 0300 Free?”. With the numbers being so new, people are totally unsure how much […]

Call Premium Rate 0870, 0871 Numbers For Free!

Premium rate phone numbers, like those starting with 0870, 0871 etc have long been a controversial topic for a long time. What we find is that many companies, such as banks, often use them for customer service calls and other IT technial support lines. Also more common, comanies use them as their main complains number meaning we […]

Alternative Numbers for 0845

Most people ask, “Why do I need an alternative number for 0845 when the calls are local rate?” When calling from a standard BT landline, the calls are charged at local rate. This does not mean that they are included within you “free minutes” bundle. The same applies when calling an 0845 number from a […]