Most people ask, “Why do I need an alternative number for 0845 when the calls are local rate?”

When calling from a standard BT landline, the calls are charged at local rate. This does not mean that they are included within you “free minutes” bundle. The same applies when calling an 0845 number from a mobile, the calls are typically not included within your free quota.

So.. with an 0845 number which his classed as a local rate number, the caller always pays the local call price when phoning within the UK. As standard this is 3.95p/1.5p/1p/min. Day/Night/Weekend from a BT landline. Mobile costs are significantly higher.

There is normally an different number for each 0845 number, this can be a free phone number or a standard number beginning with 01,02 or 03. These numbers ARE included within your free bundle, so save up to 3.95p per minute – find a alternative 0845 number!


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