0300 numbers are becoming more and more popular and we are often asked “Are 0300 numbers free to call from a landline and mobile?”. In fact when we last looked one of the most popular auto suggests in Google was “Is 0300 Free?”. With the numbers being so new, people are totally unsure how much they cost to call from a landline and a mobile.

In the UK the law states that all 0300 numbers must be charged the same as if the caller was ringing a standard UK geographic landline. This applies if the caller is dialing the 0300 number from either a landline or a mobile phone.

The law also states that in the UK, any 0300 numbers must be part of a customers “Free Minutes” or “Inclusive Minutes” package.
If you do not have any free minutes on your phone package, you will be charged the same as calling a standard landline. However, if you do have free minutes and call a 0300 number you will not be charged additional costs.

Is 0300 Free Then?

0300 numbers are not technically a freephone number. However, as they are included in your inclusive minutes then for most people 0300 is free to call as you will not be charged anything.

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