0345 numbers are quite a new number extension. Brought in to replace the more expensive 0845 number range, they provide a low-cost (or often free, depending on the minutes package of the person calling) alternative for calling a company. It also provides individuals and organisations with the chance to give a non-geographic presence in their telephone line, which is another reason why so many companies have decided to use one as their main contact number. You can expect 0345 numbers to start being used more and more as we go forward.

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0345 numbersIt doesn’t matter if you are calling a 0345 number from a landline or a mobile the call cost is exactly the same. This is partly why 0345 numbers were brought in in the first place, as mobile operators have successfully earned millions of pounds through charging their users to call 08 numbers when they need not be doing so.

Calling a 0345 number will cost exactly the same as a call to a standard landline number starting with 01 and 02.

If you have “free” minutes as part of your phone deal then calls to 0345 numbers will come out of that and there will be no additional charges on your bill. However, the 0345 number range is not technically a freephone number in the same way that 0800 numbers are – which is an important distinction. As long as you are still within your agreed minutes allowance with your provider, you should not have any additional costs on your call.

0345 numbers are non-geographic numbers that have been assigned by Ofcom to replace 084 and 087 numbers. Although they are not currently as popular as they might be, as public understanding over exactly what the range provides in terms of benefits they should begin to grow in use.