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Number Prefix Cost To Call Number in UK Information About The Prefix
Always the same as calling a regular geographic number.
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In the UK it is required by law that all telephone numbers starting with the 03 prefix must cost the same to call as a standard geographic landline number.  This law covers all phone operators – both mobile (like O2, Vodaphone, T-Mobile, Orange, 3G, EE etc) and fixed line providers (such as BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky etc). The law also states that all calls to 03 numbers must be included in a customers “free minutes” package.03 numbers are assigned by Ofcom and were brought out insead of the original 084x and 087x telephone numbers for which relate to services that are not considered appropriate for revenue share. In the UK 03 numbers are structured and the prefixes are segmented to make it easier for customers to understand who they are calling.Numbers starting with 030 are used by local authorities such as councils, the Government, public services companies, charities and other non-profit organisations.Telephone numbers beginning with 033 are available for use by any organisation where havign a revenue share number is not appropriate.Both 034 and 037 number prefixes are specifically for those companies who want to move away from the old 084 and 087 numbers.
0500… Thes are free when calling from any stardard UK landline.Call costs very fom mobiles.
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Originally these freephone numbers came from Mercury (which rebranded a while back and is now called Cable & Wireless Worldwide). They are legacy numbers and no new 0500 numbers have been allocated since 1999. They are slowly being phazed out and replaced by the new free phone ranges beginning with either 0800 or 0808.
Call costs vary and are set by the phone operator. As standard, BT charge callers 5p/min to call any 055 or 056 numbers. You should check with your phone provider.
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Companies that use a VoIP phone service normally have a 055 or 056 numbers.
070.. Varies Formally known as “Personal Numbering Service” (PNS) but more commonly known as “follow me” or “personal” numbers, 070 are a range of premium rate numbers. Given that they are so similar to regular mobile numbers there is a lot of contraversy around their use and many callers end up with lareg sums to pay when they believed they were calling a regular mobile.The cost of calling them is set by the provider and as such varies widely and the call costs are often not well publicised. For a while Ofcom was proposing to change the PNS range to begin with 06 to avoid the confusion however this idea was abandoned.Be warey whenever you see a 070 number as the costs are often substantial.
076 Varies These are pager or vodafone landline numbers. They are two types:Fixed call cost pagers (CPP – calling party pays) where the subscriber pays a fixed rate for their service and thus the caller pays a premium fixed rate (some operators charge a fixed rate plus a rate per minute). Subscription pagers which are cheaper to call and charged at ‘regional’ rates (their landline equivalents no longer exist). These usually cost slightly more than an equivalent landline call. These can also be vodafone landline calls, which are charged at local rate.
Call costs vary.Free Minute Inclusion: Depends on Package All standard UK mobile numbers have one of these prefixes. In the early days different mobile networks tended to use the same prefix (e.g. O2 used 077 and T-Mobile 079) however these practice has now ceased as customers transfer their numbers across different nretwiork.The exact cost to call a Uk mobile varies, even with the same provider the cost can vary depending on your subscription package / contract and the time / day you call.

In general it is more costly to call a mobile number than a landline but this is commonly known. Sometimes calling a mobile from another mobile on the same network is chaeper but again this varies depending on the provider.

Calls to mobile phone in Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man can cost more than a mobile within the UK but this is not always the case. mobile telephone numbers may cost more than calls to standard UK mobiles.

Free from landline.Varies from mobile. Originally the only freephone number was the 0800 range however more recently the 0808 range was released. These numbers are always free to call from any UK landline. Mobile users should be warned that these numbers are NOT free from a mobile, typically they are charged close to premium rate charges from a mobile. Many mobile users aren’t aware of this and visitors should use the Savvy Caller 0800 number finder to get the geographic alternative.
BT charge from 0.49p/min for a 0845 number up to 10p/min for calls to 0871, 0872 and 0873 numbers.

Depending on your package and subscription, call to 0845 and some of the other prefixes may be included in your “free minutes” package.

These numbers are easily available to any company or person who requires one. As such it can be for any company, business or government department.
090…091… Premium rate (varies). These numbers are premium rate and have many uses – competition lines, chat lines, technical support helplines and order lines.
0908, 0909 Premium rate (varies). Sexual entertainment services. These numbers are not available for new allocations. New number ranges begin 098x.
098x Premium rate (varies). Sexual entertainment services. These numbers are used for adult services.

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