ESA phone numberFollowing the economic downturn of 2009, one of the things most actively targetted by the UK Government for reductions was the amount spent on welfare. Although this has been met with much opposition from those who argue that the country should be spending more on the most vulnerable members of society rather than attempting to ostracise them at a time at which they were likely to be at their weakest,a restructuring of the Depaartment for Work and pensions (DWP) was undertaken, with various forms of different benefits being removed from system altogether and other ones being created in their place – with Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) probably being the most notable. Being such a new form of payment that is suitable for so many people, the ESA phone number is believed to be the most contacted of any British governmental department, with their helpline receiving thousands of calls every day from people looking to make a claim.

If you need to contact the ESA phone number, dial 0843 504 0562 now to get connected through to their helpline staff.

ESA contact numberThe majority of calls made to the ESA contact number are to do with existing claims – which is partly to do with exactly how the system is administered. As it was created for people who are unfit for full-time work (and therefore unable to claims Jobseeker’s Allowance – also known as JSA), there are rigorous checks in place for anyone who receives payment. In many cases, these are ongoing, with payments often being withheld for a variety of different reasons. Thankfully, the staff who man the ESA number are able to deal with these queries simply, as well as managing new claims, appeals and complaints.

Our suggested ESA phone number is checked daily to ensure that it connects to the correct DWP department, ensuring that our users get the assistance they require quickly and easily. however, we also take the time to dig out all of the other telephone numbers and contact details that should also get you through once you dial. This includes freephone, alternative, local/national rate and premium numbers – however, given the vast database that we maintain, we cannot ensure that all of the following information will always be correct. If you notice any problems with any of the following ESA contact numbers, get in touch with us immediately and we’ll try to replace or remove them as soon as possible.

Company name Premium Local / national rate Alternative Freephone Details
Employment and Support Agency  0845 604 4678  028 9040 6341  Local Belfast number for the ESA customer services/complaints department.
Employment and Support Agency  0845 604 4678  028 9040 6341  Local Belfast Number for The ESA customer services and complaints Department.
esa  0845 408 3500
ESA  0845 608 8529