DVLA phone numberThe DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK. Responsible for almost every aspect of driving in the UK (including SORN and driving tests), it is no surprise that the DVLA phone number is among the most contacted of all UK Government departments, with thousands of people calling them each and every day in order to try and have their query dealt with. Thankfully, their helpline is extensive and it has been reported that they employ thousands of customer service agents in order to deal with the high volume of calls received – meaning that phoning them is usually quick and easy.

If you need to contact the DVLA phone number, call 0843 538 5209 now to speak to their helpline team.

DVLA contact numberThe DVLA have historically always used a variety of numbers for some of their most and common departments. However, our suggest DVLA contact number is able to direct you through to a range of different departments in order to have a whole host of different problems dealt with. Thanks to the amount of different queries that their staff are faced with each day, the helpline is capable of answering almost any question. Some examples include:

  • Online ordering of car licencing, SORN and other motor vehicle related forms
  • Reporting of unlicensed vehicles on the public road
  • Apply for your first provisional driving licence
  • Change the address on your driving licence
  • Renew your driving licence
  • Change the photo on your driving licence
  • Exchange your paper driving licence for a photocard licence
  • Renew your driving licence if you’re 70 or over
  • Taxing your vehicle online
  • Tell DVLA that your vehicle is off the road (SORN)

We’re also here to save you money on your calls, we have listed the 0300 freephone and local geographical numbers for you to call. Remember that calling a 0300 number is just like calling a 01/02 number and will be included in your “free” monthly allowance. However, we always suggest using our dedicated DVLA phone number if you need to speak to their team, as this is constantly monitored to ensure that it connects to the correct departments at every hour of the day. All of the alternative contact details for HMRC are listed below – if you notice that any of these are incorrect, please get in touch and we will do our best to ensure that they are changed as soon as possible.

Company Name Premium Rate Local Geographic Freephone Comments
DVLA Driver Enquiries 0870 240 0009 / 08702400009 0843 515 8104 0300 790 6801
01792 782341
DVLA Driver Enquiries 0870 240 0010 / 08702400010 0300 790 6802
DVLA Vehicle Licence Applications & SORN Declarations 0870 850 4444 / 08708504444 0843 116 0011
0843 116 0013
0300 123 4321 You can always apply for a tax disc or declare SORN on the Direct GOV website at www.direct.gov.uk/taxdisc
DVLA Drivers Medical Section 0870 600 0301 / 08706000301 0843 116 0014 0300 790 6806 For more information online visit www.direct.gov.uk/driverhealth
DVLA Drivers Medical Group 0870 241 1879 / 08702411879 0300 790 6807
DVLA Continuous Registration Enforcement Centre 0870 608 0604 / 08706080604 03 00 790 6808
DVLA Local Office Advisory Service 0870 850 0007 / 08708500007 0300 790 6809 This 0300 number connects you directly to the Swansea office.
DVLA Driving Licence Online Renewal Helpdesk 0870 850 2963 / 08708502963 0300 123 0815 Specifically for help renewing your driving licence.