Dyson phone numberThe Dyson company was famously founded by Sir James Dyson, a British industrial designer. Dyson vacuum cleaners were the worlds first bagless vacuum and quickly made the brand a household name worldwide. Now, the Dyson contact number is one of the most searched for in the UK, with hundreds of customers getting in touch with them each and every day for a whole host of different reasons.

The Dyson contact number is constantly inundated with requests for spare parts, repairs and even refund. According to independent reviews, their staff are willing and able to help in pretty much any situation, especially if your Dyson product is within warranty or breaks through no fault of your own.

If you’re looking for the Dyson phone number, contact them now on 0843 538 5315

Unfortunately, Dyson have followed the trend in making their contact number increasingly difficult to find in order to try and reduce the amount of calls they receive each day. This is despie the fact that Dyson customer support is very good however on the older products the customer care phone number and the spare parts numbers displayed 0870 numbers which we all know are expensive to call. Below we have listed the alternative phone numbers for the different departments at Dyson.

In addition to our suggested Dyson phone number – which is monitored constantly to make sure that you connect to a member of their customer services – we have collected a complete list of all the company’s current contact details. If there are any phone numbers we have missed please use the contact form to let us know.

Company Name Premium Alternative Local / National Freephone Details
Dyson  0870 527 5104  01666 827200  Dyson Head Office
Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer Shop  028 9065 6552  0800 4587416  Dyson Airblade shop online Buy Dyson hand dryers online www.dysonairblade.co/
o3 solutions ltd  028 9065 6552  0800 4587416  Direct line to o3 solutions ltd Distributors of Dyson Hand Dryers, Xlerator Hand Dryers, Mitsubishi Hand Dryers. Washroom Hygiene Services etc
Unitec Servicing  0845 003 0011  01522 577600  Oven cleaning and Dyson servicing company
Wheatley Dyson  0870 830 4037  0800 0424646