Tax credits phone numberOne of the less known of all the benefits offered by the UK government, tax credits has slowly earned public renown over the past couple of years. While many other welfare payments have been cut or reduced in order to fit in with austerity measures, the Tax Credits phone number has reported an increase in the amount of people contacting them in order to apply to receive payments – and this follows the general trend of a higher volume of calls directed to their helpline staff.

Run by the Department for Work and Pensions, there are various different aspects of the scheme, with the two most popular being Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits. Both offer a form of financial support (usually through the means of monthly payment straight to the claimants account) to people in very specific sorts of circumstance – and this is another one of the main reasons why people contact the Tax credits phone number. While the official government website does offer some guidelines on who should be able to make a claim, the nuances of the system lead to many people filling in claims forms when they should not have been eligible to earn Tax credits. Thankfully, the staff who man the Tax Credits contact number are able to offer accurate and up-to-date assistance on whether you would be able to receive money through the scheme.

Alongside this, the Tax Credits number team have been known to deal directly with appeals for claims, the processing of applications and with general queries. They can also provide wider advice on the other benefits you may be able to claim from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and how these may affect your Tax Credits claim.

Tax Credits contact numberIf you’re looking for the Tax credits phone number, contact their helpline now by calling 0843 538 5253.

Although we always suggest using our recommended Tax credits number – 0843 538 5253 – we have also collated a full list of alternative numbers complete with freephone, local rate and premium costs. However, while our suggested number is constantly monitored in order to make sure that it reaches the Tax credits phone number, the below contact details are constantly liable to change. If you have any updated listings for us, please get in touch at – thanks for being a Savvy Caller.

Company Name 0844 / 0845 Local & freephone  
HMRC TAX CREDITS  0345 300 3900  028 9053 8192
   0345 300 3900  028 9053 8192
   0345 300 3900  028 9053 8192
   0345 300 3900  0300 200 3300
     0191 206 1385
   0345 300 3900  01355 359007
   0345 300 3900  01384 845032