Ever since the first premium rate 0870 number was launched, people have begrudged paying to call them. That is why we have created Savvy Caller – to prevent you having to pay these calls. Remember if you see a number just think “No To 0870”, visit Savvy Caller and save money by calling the cheaper alternative number (when available).

There is no question that 0870 numbers have their place in society when used correctly. For example when calling certain “adult” number people would generally expect to pay a premium. However, when calling a customer complaints number or a helpline for a product / service you have purchased this is not acceptable.

At Savvy Caller we want you to simply say no to calling 0870 numbers. Together we can campaign against the unfair use of these numbers and save you, the Savvy Caller, hundreds of pounds off your phone bill.

We hope to be running an ePetition shortly, the “vote no for 0870” camapign will be the UK’s first ever petition against the use of these numbers for “standard” services. We’ll post more information about this soon.

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