Student Loans phone numberThe Student Loans Company is a non-profit making Government-owned organisation set up in 1989 to provide loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK. Thanks to the proliferation of people now attending universities, it has turned into one of the most vital organisations in the British educational system. This is reflected in the fact that the Student Loan phone number is one of the most contacted of any customer service helpline in the country. This is especially true during their peak busy seasons of September and January – something which coincides with the times that the student loans should be paid into accounts.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of people that the company have to deal with, there are always going to be some errors. Every year, thousands of students are left without their loans and bursary funds due to issues in administration or glitches in the scheme. Given how vital this money can be the survival of some scholars, a high percentage of the calls received are in relation to people making a complaint about the system, desperately hoping to get the payment into their account as soon as possible.

If you need to the contact the Student Loans phone number, call 0843 538 5216 to speak to their helpline staff now.

Student Loans contact numberFor information and advice about the types of financial assistance you may qualify for, or to query the progress of your student finance application, the Student Loans company almost exclusively deal with problems using their contact number. Unfortunately, they have made this increasingly difficult to find in recent years due to the fact that they would ideally like to deal with fewer calls and reduce their expenditure.

Thankfully, with a little bit of digging we have managed to find a Student Loans phone number which we fully recommend. 0843 538 5216 is constantly monitored to make sure that every call connects through to their customer service team, meaning your issues can be resolved almost immediately. In addition to this, we have also collated a list of all the current freephone, alternative and local/national rate numbers that should get you through. However, if you notice that any of the following details are incorrect, please get in touch with us immediately and we will strive to make sure that they will be updated as soon as possible.

Company Name Premium Alternative National / Local Freephone Details
EMA Northern Ireland    0845 601 7646  0141 243 3933    Education Maintenance Allowance for Northern Ireland
by Student Loans Company Ltd
Honours Student Loans  0870 600 0137  0844 826 7835  0113 207 2206    Fax: 0113 2073025
Honours Student Loans  0870 242 0061    0113 207 3154    Collections helpline
Honours Student Loans  0870 600 0137  0844 826 7835  0113 207 2853  0800 614949  Payments, advice, etc.
Student Finance (Student Loans Company Ltd)    0845 603 4016  0141 243 3964    Bursaries helpline
As per 0845 number
For Student Finance England, Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) & Student Finance Northern Ireland
Student Finance England (Student Finance Direct)    0845 300 5090  0141 243 3600    Menu as per 0845 number
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by Student Loans Company Ltd
Also for: 0845 607 7577

Student Finance NI    0845 600 0662  0300 200 7089    Menu as per 0845 number
Also: 0141 243 3591

Student Finance Northern Ireland
by Student Loans Company Ltd

Student Finance Wales    0845 602 8845  0141 243 3960    Menu as per 0845 number
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by Student Loans Company Ltd

Student Loan Repayment  0870 242 3220  0845 073 8895  0141 243 3901    Arrears enquiries
Can make payment by credit or debit card.

by Student Loans Company Ltd
Also for: 0870 2414998

Student Loans Company Ltd  0870 242 2211    0141 243 3900    General Enquiries
Student Loans Company Ltd  0870 606 0704  0845 073 8890  0141 243 3902    Deferment Enquiries
Student Loans Company Ltd  0870 240 6298    0141 243 3916    Loan repayments after 1998
Student Loans Company Ltd  0870 241 4648    0141 243 3000    Support helpline
Student Loans Company Ltd  0870 241 4647    0141 306 2000  0800 0853950  Ask for Litigation dep’t
Student Loans Company Ltd    0845 026 2019  0141 306 2000    Ask fro Cancellation enquiries