Thames Water contact number – phone 0843 504 0542

As a company responsible for bringing water to millions of homes (as well as taking waste away from them), the Thames Water contact number is a vital way for the company’s customers to get in touch with the business. Providing a key utility, Thames Water’s customer service team further enforce the necessity of their services […]

Are 0330 numbers free to call?

0330 numbers are new to the UK, and have been introduced for a variety of reasons. However, the general public aren’t really interested in the reasons behind a change – we only want to know how it will affect us. That is why so many people are attempting to find out if 0330 numbers are […]

Are 0333 numbers free to call?

0333 numbers have recently come into the public consciousness and are becoming more popular by the day. This is why a lot of our users are getting in touch in order to ask whether 0333 numbers are free to call from landlines and mobiles. Google has already started to auto-predict “Is 0333 free” when users […]

ESA phone number – contact 0843 504 0562

Following the economic downturn of 2009, one of the things most actively targetted by the UK Government for reductions was the amount spent on welfare. Although this has been met with much opposition from those who argue that the country should be spending more on the most vulnerable members of society rather than attempting to […]

Student Loans phone number – contact 0843 538 5216

The Student Loans Company is a non-profit making Government-owned organisation set up in 1989 to provide loans and grants to students in universities and colleges in the UK. Thanks to the proliferation of people now attending universities, it has turned into one of the most vital organisations in the British educational system. This is reflected […]

Unbundled Tariff

Clearer charges are coming for 084, 087, 09 and 118 telephone numbers. Ofcom’s programme to simplify non-geographic numbers has been ongoing for several years now. Following extensive consultation, the regulator confirmed that the Unbundled Tariff will be introduced. It’s already been exposed that calls attract a Service Charge, to the benefit of the user, and part of the changes mean its level will have […]

Phone Call Money Saving Tips

Savvy Caller is breaking boundries (well not really) but we are thinking of moving into video content. Just to test the water and see if we can get video content properly embedded on our website we’ve created this money saving tips video. Its only 24 seconds long and the content is pretty shocking. We know […]

0800 Buster

It might be a surprise to many but its typically not free to call a 0800, 0808, or 0500 number from a a mobile phone. However from any standard UK landline you dont pay for the call, the recipient pays the bill. This is where Savvy Caller becomes your Number Buster! Savvy Caller Supports 0800 […]

0870 buster

Now you can join the 0870 Buster crew! Savvy Caller are currently looking for people to help add content to the website and setup new companies and phone numbers on the site. We are constanently receiving new numbers, new companies and new requests so we need some help. We are looking for people who are […]

International Dialing Codes

If you wish to call an international phone number you will need to know the country code to dial before calling. A complete list of international country dialing codes can be found below. Country Dialing Code To Call Dial Afghanistan  +93 Dial 0093 from UK Albania  +355 Dial 00355 from UK Algeria  +213 Dial 00213 […]

Area Dialing Codes UK

There are currently 611 different geographic dialing codes for the UK – and this doesn’t include any 03, 05, 08 or 09 numbers. Below we’ve listed an alphabetical list of all the geographical telephone area codes. Please note that UK area codes do not have precisely-defined boundaries and some of the locations may have been known […]

Call Premium Rate 0870, 0871 Numbers For Free!

Premium rate phone numbers, like those starting with 0870, 0871 etc have long been a controversial topic for a long time. What we find is that many companies, such as banks, often use them for customer service calls and other IT technial support lines. Also more common, comanies use them as their main complains number meaning we […]

Alternative Numbers for 0845

Most people ask, “Why do I need an alternative number for 0845 when the calls are local rate?” When calling from a standard BT landline, the calls are charged at local rate. This does not mean that they are included within you “free minutes” bundle. The same applies when calling an 0845 number from a […]

Call 0800 From Mobile for Free

Most mobile phone companies in the UK are making a killing from users ringing free phone numbers starting with 0808, 0800 or 0500. A lot of mobile phone users don’t even know that they rae being charged for these free phone numbers and think they are included within their free minutes package. Use our search […]